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The Crespos | Manchester, VT

The Crespos | Manchester, VT

Having known these two for over twelve years, I was honored when Sara and Alex asked me to collaborate on a photo shoot the night before their wedding. The chosen location for their nuptials was Manchester, Vermont in early September 2018. I met Sara and Alex freshman year at Lafayette College, and though we were all friends since the beginning, they didnโ€™t get together until we were nearing the end of our undergrad years. Once their wedding date was set, we could not wait for this double Lafayette wedding weekend to come.

The ceremony the following day was made extra special with our good friend Kenn, another Lafayette College alum, officiating. As we all sat, champagne in tow, underneath the trees behind the Celebration Barn where the reception would later be held, we couldnโ€™t help but get emotional as this moment in time was years in the making and truly memorable.

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