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Charlie Bird Farro Salad

Charlie Bird Farro Salad

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Another favorite straight from the cooking columns of the NY Times. This salad checks all the boxes: easy, delicious and healthy (mostly). I use less EVOO than the recipe calls for and really just wing it when it comes to the measurements.

Be sure to use apple cider and not apple cider vinegar - I know it might seem odd at first but the result is a unique tasting farro that works so perfectly together when folded in with the rest of the ingredients. Added plus - you don’t need to attempt a prime time reservation at Charlie Bird to taste their famous “Farro” salad.


(1 C) Farro

(1 C) Apple Cider (I use the spiced apple cider from TJ’s)

(2 C) Water

2 Bay Leaves


1/2 Lemon, Juiced

(1/2 C) Shaved Parm (use fresh with a veggie peeler!)

(1/4 C) Unsalted, Dry Roasted Pistachio halves

(2-3 C) Arugula

(1 C) Basil Leaves, torn

(1 C) Mint Leaves, chopped

(1 C) Cherry tomatoes, quartered

Sea salt, to taste



  1. In a sauce pan, cook the farro, apple cider, water, bay leaves and a pinch of salt on simmer for about 30minutes. I use TJ’s 10-minute farro but actually allow it to simmer for 30minutes and until the liquid is pretty much all evaporated. Remove bay leaves, set aside.

  2. In a salad bowl, whisk together EVOO and lemon juice.

  3. In the bowl, mix in farro, cheese and pistachios. The recipe follows that you can keep this base at room temp for up to 4hrs or in fridge over night.

  4. Right before serving, fold in arugula, herbs and tomatoes. Top with a pinch of sea salt.

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