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Mark + Jackie | West Village, NY

Mark + Jackie | West Village, NY

On a perfect fall Sunday at the end of September 2018, I met with Mark and Jackie at Bobo down in the West Village for a late afternoon drink and engagement shoot. After Mark ordered me a Prosecco, I soon learned that Bobo was actually where their first date took place. Without too much experience with indoor shooting, we took this opportunity to play around with light. The bartenders and hostesses seemed excited to get into it too after learning how the restaurant fit into Mark and Jackie’s story and even popped open some complementary champagne to celebrate. I think there was one point we had 6 drinks at the bar for the three of us - Really helping to keep those pre-shoot jitters at bay!

We made our way down to cobble-stoned Bank Street and to no surprise, it was packed with people. Trying Jane Street, we had better luck and you would never know that M&J were jumping in and out of the street dodging taxis to get the perfect shot. They were perfectly at ease! Excited for these two to tie the knot come Spring 2019!

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