Chelsea Murray


My Story

I am truly passionate about so many different things, it is sometimes hard for me to find one area to focus on. While I have always been enamored with fashion, I find myself obsessing over creating new meals to cook, helping friends organize and update their interiors, traveling, and learning all there is to know about photography. My husband would probably throw in that I also love watching and quoting classic comedy movies, like Animal House & Caddyshack. This too, is true.

c.b. murray will serve as a space to document my latest projects, experiences, and help connect me to you!  

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My first job out of college, I was working at Hearst in magazine print publishing right around the time that the first iPad device was unveiled - a pivotal moment in print publishing where industry veterans knew a lot was about to change.

The magazine I had been working on at the time was going through a redesign, which in print is almost considered the beginning of the end. Working three months out to get a monthly magazine to print just couldn't keep up with technology and amateur authors who could publish their thoughts and ideas out to the world with the tap of a "post" button. I decided then that in graduating with an English degree, a yearning to work in fashion edit and my growing interest in technology that I would launch my own space while at the same time, make a career shift into mobile technology. 

Technology has become a part of everyone's lives and blogging has become more than just a forum for people to share their thoughts and opinions. Brands and users alike trust and respect the opinions of influencers and while I have taken momentary pauses in keeping up with my own blog due to a full time job, self doubt and a busy social life, I'm filled with a bit of regret in that I will never quite know the answer to, what if I forged through all of these years? After countless conversations with friends and family willing to listen to my doubts and hopes in updating my blog, and marrying my husband, Tommy in 2016, comes Chelsea Bop Murray, an updated twist on bop on trend, not only covering fashion but all things lifestyle.